Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Family

Okay so I thought it was about time you saw my Family!!

So first I will tell you a little bit about our Family.

First it started with Emily she was the only person living here for a about a Year and then Jasmine moved in, Lanie came next followed [fairly closely] by Amy, Belle then me!!

So there isn't much that I can tell you about my other sisters pasts but I pretty sure they weren't, you know hurt in their past they just say that if they had to recount it wouldn't make them cry
Well I came to live with them because, well I don't really know, anyway so as you might have known already I came form a Wizard Family so it took some getting used to living Muggle way. I dont like the word and Belle is like, if you've read the Harry Potter books Aunt Petunia, she doesn't mind but would rather not talk about it!! Anyway so I came to live here and then Lanie introduced me to a Computer!! I loved seeing all the things it does and when she showed me what a blog was I knew I wanted to have one!!! So I started this blog and well you know the rest! I've meet some AWESOME people!!

Any way so I also happen to have a recent Family picture so here you go

And then there is me in the middle!!

Here is a better pic of me, oh and the thing on Lanie's lap is Emily's pet Wombat Nugget!!!

Well there you have it folks!!

Hope you enjoyed this EXTRA LOOOOOONG post!!

Thanks for Reading

Neri ;D


  1. Hah! We KNEW the wizarding world was real!!! So glad to have it confirmed. ;-)

    Do you go to Hogwarts? Is it as cool as in the books? Did you ever meet Professor Snape?

    Your family seems really cool; thanks for "introducing" us via blog!

    The Green Girls

  2. Hahahahaha yeah it is good to know that Muggles aren't a bunch of silly people like some people think!!

    I do go to Hogwarts and I'm in Ravenclaw. I think it's as good as in the books, but I can tell you that History of Magic is as boring as it sound in the books [actually now that I think about it it's about 100000000000x worse!!]! No, I never meet Professor Snape, that was before my time, my time is when Professor Longbottom is teaching Herbology!! [Sorry I would say more but I dont wanna give to much away with the movie coming out soon!!!!

    Neri ;D

  3. Hi Neri,

    That is so cool! We look forward to hearing more about your Hogwarts adventures.

    We've read all the books, but we can understand you not wanting to spoil things for the other people who follow your blog.

    The Green Girls

    P.S. Not totally sure we count as Muggles, anymore. Weird stuff at our house, lately...

  4. Hi Neri and Dian!

    Cool blog and great post!

    I love the family picture! I regonize some of those posters! ;)