Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Stress Levels are RISSING!!!


So as many of you know we have a new sister coming, she should be here this week but obviously she's not here. ANYWAY, so Jasmine is stressing out she wont let us come near Gracie's Room in case we "Move something!!!!" Yeah she's Crazy like that!! Anyway I just wish she was here already, Jasmine actually tackled Lanie to the ground the other day, and I thought Jas was bluffing!!

Lanie's afraid to be near Jas now, she's ALWAYS in a bad mood and if she goes any purpler Uncle Vernon will have some competition!!!  She is likely to explode if we do anything on the "LIST" [Yes she made a list *Rolls eyes*].

Anyway If I'm not on for a few days Jasmine is probably sitting on me or tied me to a chair.

Hopefully that doesn't happen
Neri ;D

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  1. Aw, yeah, a new addition to the family is stressful - but also a lot of fun!

    Try not to be too worried. It'll all work out, and you'll be one big happy family.

    The Green Girls