Tuesday, 28 June 2011



Long time no see!! O_o

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I've been super busy, sorting sister stuff out, Waiting for things to arrive and then waiting for people to send things off, disliking slow shippers, you know the ordinary stuff that goes on in trades!!

Any way so we are getting a new sister but one is leaving, Human and some other Human are doing a swappy thing but it should be nice to have a new sibling!!!! Anyway so I have alot of things to do at the moment but I should be able to post more often!!!

It's so cold at the moment [BTW We live in Australia so it's not summer at the moment] and my sisters are complaining because we dont have many warm things [we do just she's a fussy little sister who likes to complain, I've offered to fix it but No Human doesn't want me to she says she like her the way she is!!] but Human is working on them at the moment so you shouldn't have to hear me complain for much longer about annoying little sisters!!

Anyway this is a long post but yeah I should be able to post more often now!!

Neri ;D

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  1. Welcome back, Neri! No worries about the hiatus. We all have busy times when there's not a lot of opportunity to blog.

    Congrats on the new sister... but sympathies on one leaving. That's hard for us to even imagine. We've never had a sister leave, and would resist any attempts. ;-)

    Technically it's summer here, but it's been chilly and grey - today was sunny, though! One of the first real sunny days this spring/summer.

    The Green Girls