Thursday, 4 August 2011


Hey everyone

Sorry I haven't written this earlier but I have been real busy!! Anyway I would have written this on Wednesday but I felt sick after the movie [To much popcorn not enough water!!!]. And I would have written this yesterday but I was enjoying watching Human fail with her new nails, so I didn't get round to it!!
Or read on anyway

I loved the movie but I mean it's Harry Potter!! But I do have a few complaints so please bare with me!!
Anyway so my first main complaint was WHERE IS TEDDY!! Seriously the story doesn't work unless Teddy is in it!! I also feel that they cheated in some parts, but also didn't have crutial parts in the battle like when Neville is getting Tortured by Voldemort and he makes him put on the hat and the sword falls out, the only reason I got some parts was because I have read the books! I did cry I must admit, it was the first time I have ever cried and I'm glad it was a HP movie that made me cry, if you wanna know when I cried well it was probably when George Weasley breaks down in tears, that was so sad!! But there were parts that were good even though they weren't in the books, like when Ron goes Screaming after Draco,Ahhhhhh Draco is such a HOTTIE!!! Sorry getting distracted!!

When Harry goes to Kings Cross Station I was not was not expecting what I saw under the Chair, I was expecting something like a house elf but demented, if that makes any sense, not a well lets just put it this way it's a Toddler sized skeleton with skin and blood and other stuff on it, with Voldemort's head! Yeah it was gross, completely and utterly gross!!

Well that's all I really have to say about the movie but there are still some more updates!

Gracie hasn't arrived yet, but some of her clothes did!!

And it has been so warm!! So warm in fact that I have been able to wear a T-shirt and Skirt outside!! I'm so glad it's actually gotten to 21 degrees [ you might be thinking "WHAT 21 DEGREES THAT FREZZING, but I live in Australia so we use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit!].

But yeah that's about all that's happened around here.

Neri ;D